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What is ObserveID?

ObserveID is an identity intelligence and automation platform that enables organizations to analyze user behavior in real-time, derive intelligence and automate access changes required for mitigating security risks in modern cloud architectures.

How Does
ObserveID work?

ObserveID’s intuitive identity intelligence dashboard allows you to monitor identity behavior, understand access patterns and security risk, and automate access decisions across multiple cloud service providers.


  • Automatically discover identity and access behavior patterns in real-time across clouds.
  • Send real-time critical identity behavior events and alerts to ObserveID's Audit Dashboard or to any SIEM solution.
  • Quickly report on identity and access patterns across clouds over time through the identity intelligence dashboard.
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Identity Automation and Compliance

  • Automate Identity access changes based on behavior, patterns, and levels of risk.
  • Control and automate provisioning and access for highly sensitive and privileged user and service accounts.
  • Collect current access levels and evidence for certifying user access and complying with regulatory requirements.
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Reduce Multi-Cloud Identity Complexity, Security Exposures,
and Operational Costs by 60%

Why ObserveID?

Moving data and applications to the cloud is happening at a breakneck speed. This mass exodus to the cloud is creating significant identity and access challenges across multiple cloud service providers. Identity and access are siloed and fragmented, without an easy way to understand user behavior, cybersecurity risk, and the inability to automate the changes required to quickly mitigate these risks. This complexity is introducing large security risks and increasing identity and access operational costs. ObserveID allows you to solve for this complexity with a central command and control multi-cloud identity intelligence and automation platform.

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