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Identity Security for Multicloud and Hybrid Environments

Real-Time Identity Intelligence, Automation, and Governance Solutions for Hybrid and Multicloud Architectures

What is ObserveID?

ObserveID is a Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solution that uses identity intelligence, automation and governance to enable organizations to analyze user behavior in real-time, derive intelligence, and automate access and entitlement changes required for mitigating security risks in hybrid and multicloud architectures.

How Does ObserveID work?

ObserveID’s robust intuitive identity intelligence dashboard allows you to monitor identity behavior, understand access patterns and security risk, and automate access decisions across hybrid and multiple cloud service providers.
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It's All About Identity

ObserveID is the Identity-Centric platform, placing emphasis on all three aspects of identity.

We call it ID³

Combining real-time identity Intelligence, Automation, and Governance for hybrid and multicloud environments, ObserveID is best equipped to secure your organization's most precious assets:
Human and machine identities.

Identity Intelligence


Identity Automation


Identity Governance


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Why ObserveID?

Many organizations have begun to migrate to hybrid and multicloud architectures, in conjunction with their on-premises servers. In this Cloud-First process, data moves at breakneck speeds creating significant identity and access challenges, which introduces greater risks of data breaches and threats. To try to mitigate these risks, organizations have begun to layer various software platforms and applications to cover as much threat surface area as possible. At ObserveID, we do not believe that it is necessary to continue to add software to combat new threats, but rather to discover a single solution that solves for them with Identity Intelligence, Automation, and Governance. This tool gives the organization the ability to monitor identity and access to the cloud infrastructure, and derive intelligent analysis for setting automation rules. ObserveID is robust enough to work as a standalone platform, or it can be integrated with other existing solutions (IAM/PAM/SIEM) already in use. ObserveID can also work in a multitude of environments containing any combination of on-premises and cloud servers, including AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, and many more.

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ObserveID supports on-premises, hybrid and ALL major private and public cloud platforms

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AWS LogoObserveID supports MicrosoftMA LogoGCP LogoOracle Partner LogoLinux LogoService NowObserveID supports Microsoft SQL Server CSV logoREST API logo